Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Sick

Sullivan : "Firemen DON'T smile."
Sophie: "What did you say? Are you serious Sullivan, come on."

ARRRGGGHHHHHH :) That's what I want to say!!! That's it, nothing more, well maybe a bit. We have once again apparently angered God, and He decided to show us! Sophie got her first ear infection, and apparently it was bad- it took three WHOLE days for the antibiotic to make much of a difference. So, as I type this, I have gotten no more than a thirty minute stretch of sleep since Thursday. Perhaps I should go sleep at Gini's house (a great friend who has newborn twins AND a 12 month old- all boys none the less). It can't be any worse over there!!! Anyway, amongst the fun, Sophie has decided that she is not a baby! She can take two steps to get where she wants (couch to coffee table, bed to pulling brother's hair), and she now says "NO NO NO". The girl has some personality, let me tell you!
Through all of the screaming, crying, pain, and fever with her, Aaron managed to get himself really sick. It has aggravated his asthma horribly, and I have never been so scared in my life. He has had 4 major asthma attacks this weekend, and nothing is worse to watch. So, Sunday morning, we went to urgent care for him. Sullivan, being the big, brave boy that he is, decided he HAD to go with his daddy so that he would not be scared. An idea of how the doctor's visit went: (keep in mind that Sullivan has asthma and has had his share of "treatment" for it)
Mr. Creasy, come on back.
"Oh Dad, I need to come, seriously."
"So, sir, tell me what the problem is."
"He's bad sick, I mean BAD. But, I don't want him to have to get a shot."
Triage happens, then doctor enters the room. Sullivan puts down the National Geographic magazine that he is reading, andclimbs onto the table with his daddy. "Excuse me, Mr. Dr sir?"
"Don't give my daddy any shots ok, cause they hurt!"
"Well, I won't unless the nurse twists my arm."
He gets out an oxygen pulse finger thing that measures your oxygen with that red laser on the finger. Sullivan: "Oh man, this is gonna be bad Dad. I have had this before and it HURTS!"
Aaron: "Ok, Sullivan, it shouldn't be so bad."
"No really Daddy, it is, you better just hold my hand and squeeze because its gonna be BAD."
(Doctor now rolling on the floor along with the nurse, and not in a bad way you dirty people!)
Doctor: "Alright, well we are gonna have to do a breathing treatment before we can go on."
Sullivan: Moaning, gasping, deep sighs, "Oh no, the treatment. This is NOT good Dad. This is where they stick a needle right in your chest. Its gonna be really really bad."
Aaron now keeling over bc of the laughter causing him to cough, putting him in an asthma attack. "Sullivan, maybe you should wait outside with your mommy!"
Anyway, then, we have to go back yesterday, and of course, Sullivan insists on going in. He held Aaron's hand while he got a few shots :) We are ALL much better now!


Cristi said...

soooo cute. Those precious kiddos !I hope Aaron and Sophie are feeling much better!