Sunday, April 1, 2007

Loooooong Day!!!

Well, we had the longest day of our lives yesterday!!!! Sullivan had two birthday parties to go to. One was at an outdoor splashpad. He had so much fun. He had never actually played in the splash pads, he has always been afriad. So, imagine my surprise when we got to the party, and he runs in the water fully clothed!!! It was pretty cold, and he and his best friends kept coming out shivering, but they also kept braving it because of the temptation of fun! I am sure everyone will be sick this week, but luckily most of his friends were there- so they can all be sick together :) In Sullivan's words "I LUB birthday parties dude." So, today was probably his best day ever. After the first birthday party, we went and tried to get he and his buddy to take a nap, all to no avail, so they played for 2 hours before we headed on to the next party. It was an outdoor one in a beautiful backyard. It turned out to be the best weather anyone could ask for. Sullivan was tired to say the least!!!

So then, at around 6:30, I sent Sullivan home with his dad while I went to help a friend with some math for a class she is taking. I got home at 11:30 with Sophie. Sophie was quite unhappy with being drug around all night, so when we got home, she got a shower. To set this up, the shoer is her favorite place in the whole world other than her papasan swing. She was so worn out from the day that she fell asleep in the shower!!! Hopefully our Sunday will be uneventful, although we are planning on going to an Aggie baseball game!!! (And you thought it was boring to be a stay at home mom!)