Monday, April 9, 2007


Well, Easter was definitely exciting around here!!! We went to Beaumont to see my parents and let Sullivan participate in a huge Easter egg hunt. He had so much fun and couldn't believe that there was actually candy in every egg. He was not about to share his candy though, so every time anyone wanted any, we had to divert his attention while we "stole" it. The Easter bunny brought him lots of fun stuff and even remembered to bring Sophie a few toys and teething rings. It actually snowed a

bit here in College Station! Can you believe it? I bought this Eater outfit last halloween thinking Sophie might be able to have some pictures taken in it. I had no idea it would be freezing and she would need to wear it to stay warm!!!

So, something kind of funny (if its not your kid its funny) happened to us yesterday. We visited a new church for Easter Sunday that Aaron has been wanting to go to. They had a great nursery, and we left both kids. We had them both dressed to the T, totally adorable. Anyway, after church and lunch, we came home to let Sullivan call all of his grandparents to tell them Happy Easter. He is talking to my mom when she asks if he had fun at church. He says "Yeah except when I was in time out." She asks why he was in time out- Aaron and I are looking at each other baffled because his teacher said he was great. Sullivan says "You can't say damnit at church nanny." Oh my!!! No wonder his teacher said he was great, she was worried if we might cuss her out!!! I am not sure if we will ever be brave enough to go back there!