Monday, April 16, 2007

Birthday Cake

Well, we are all sick as dogs over here- literally. Sullivan had strep throat over the weekend, and now I am pretty sure we have the flu. Yes, we had flu shots, don't get onto me!!! I have no desire to feel this way. I thought I would share two funny stories from this week.

Sullivan and I were eating lunch, and he was asking me about marriage. "Are you married to daddy, is nanny married to paw paw, etc." I told him, when you get older, you find someone you love and you marry them. Then, you can have kids together. He thinks real hard and says, "I know who I am gonna lub and marry when I get old- Warren! I am gonna marry her in two weeks and one day" (His best friend Thomas has a big sister named Lauren who is absolutely smitten by!!!)

Saturday, when we took him to the doctor, I was telling him that he was going to see his friend Brooke's doctor, since ours was out of the office. When we got there, the rather balding doctor put him on the table and started asking him questions. Sullivan stops him and says, "Ummm... Brooke's doctor? Where did all of your hair go?" The doctor replies, "I have lost it along the years." Sullivan says, " Yeah, my mom cut all of my hair off because I wouldn't sit still!"

The picture above is one that I snapped when Sullivan absolutely swore up and down that he had not had any of his Daddy's birthday cake! Monday was Aaron's birthday, and Sullivan and I made him a yellow cake with, can you guess what kind of icing?