Tuesday, April 17, 2007

This kid!

Sullivan is constantly asking if the tv is real. He knows it isn't, we tell him probably ten times a day that it is pretend (he is scared of crabs and wants to know if they can come out of the tv). So, finally yesterday, I had answered the question too many times and lost it. I said, "Yes, Sullivan, tvs are real, and if you jump really hard, you can get in there." He replies, "Mom if you think I believe that, you are crazy."

We have been stuck in the house for a week now with different sicknesses. Yesterday, he asked me "Mom am I ever going to be better so I can play with my friends?" I told him we just had to get lots of rest and eat healthy things so we could get better really quickly. He thinks hard, then says, "I guess I will be sick forever because I don't like to sleep and I don't like spinach."