Friday, March 30, 2007

Size Difference

So, Sullivan doesn't wear clothes around the house. Its no big secret around here. As soon as he enters the house, he strips. Its his talent. He can in no way sleep with anything other than underwear on. Lately, trying to instill independence in him, we have been trying to make him get himself dressed. I was taking a picture that I am trying to do every month with the kids, and got this one. It was only later that I realized, he had put his underwear on inside out!!!

Can you believe the size difference of these two? The gap is growing smaller every month, but it still amazes me that they are only three years apart. I mean, I have grown a little in the past three years, but not this much.

On a side note, my weight loss journey has begun today. I am committed to working out, however small, every day and trying to make healthy food decisions. Seeing Sophie's thighs in those bathing suits scared me into not wanting to look like that this summer!!! Wish me luck!