Wednesday, July 11, 2007

That's my boy!

So, Sullivan is really turning into a boy. There is no toddler left, gone are the days when he relied totally on me. With every new day, a little more of his "person" is showing. I know I am prejudiced, but I have to say, I really like the person he is becoming. He is (as you can not tell yet from the picture) a very sweet boy. I can not tell you how many times a day he just randomly tells me he loves me. He is constantly kissing on me and his sister. He tries his best to be sure everyone is happy and will accomodate if not. In the car, even if he is watching a movie, he stops and pays all attention to Sophie if she is upset. I've started going to a gym, and the girls in the nursery tell me that no matter what he is doing, if he hears his sister cry, he comes and does whatever it takes to make her happy. I have been more than blessed in the transition of bringing Sophie home.

He also has gotten quite the grip on English. He is really starting to explore words, and has a very large vocabulary. So, last night, we went out to eat barbecue. There wasn't much he wanted to eat, but he gave it all a try. When it was time for him to FINALLY get his dessert (banana pudding), he gleefully opened it up and started eating. He says in a very contemplative tone, "You know, this dessert is just perfect for me. I can feel it making me stronger already." Then, on the way home, Sophie had decided she had gone long enough between feedings and was ready to tell the world. She was screaming at the top of her lungs. Sullivan, gets very serious and says, "Sophie, screaming is not the right solution to this problem!" He always gets frustrated with us and tells us, "Mommy, you are not gonna behave this way." I mean, does he think he is 30?

So, on to the picture. Although it might look like one mean kid, it is actually the opposite. He and Sophie had been playing for quite some time, when I decided to come into the playroom and take a picture. It upset her, and she started to fuss. This is why he looks so angry, he can't believe I have the nerve to disturb his little sister!!! What a sweetheart!!!