Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Goodbye Jake

One of Sullivan's favorite friends is moving to Dallas. When Jake and Sullivan first had a playdate last fall, we had to convince them to play. We met at a park, and they were "ok" with being together. Sullivan chased Jake around begging to hug and kiss him, and Jake just wasn't the "touchy feely" kind. Then, we had a few playdates over here at our house, and they were better, but argued a bunch. Jake's mommy helped me out a lot when I was pregnant with Sophie, watching Sullivan for me and generally entertaining him. Anyway, a few weeks ago, we had Jake over to swim and play, and the boys did fantastically together. No fighting, just general playing cars and enjoying each other. Jake got the idea, he told Sullivan how he didn't appreciate him throwing toys in his direction, and Sullivan obliged. We had a fun going away party for them last week. They will be dearly missed. Its not often you can find a fun friend that shares your same interests :) Good luck in Dallas Jake.