Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kids say the darndest things

So, Sullivan just woke up and asked where his daddy is (the first thing he says every morning). I told him that he had gone to work, but that today is a great day because he will be coming home early (I am getting my first ever massage this afternoon). Sullivan saysm "Well, that's just perfect, I couldn't have planned it better myself." Come on, does he think he is 40? Then, he is scratching at his back and I ask him if he needs me to itch it. He says, "Oh ok, but I think its a better idea for me to get a new back, this one is always itching me." Anyone know where I can get a new back? He's three, almost four, a little on the short side, and quite tan. Anyone?


Steve Buser said...

That's my boy. I could not be prouder of those two precious babies

Steve Buser said...

Try a garage sale, they may have a used, but much less itchy back for sale :-}}}