Monday, July 13, 2009


Well, life as we know it is kind of sucky right now- just pray for us if you get a minute. But, rather than give you a sob story, I thought I would share a few funny things the kids are doing.

Sullivan now wears his batman mask when swimming. It looks really funny to see that black ears poking up on top of the water when he is under. The other day, someone at the pool said "look it's batman!" To which Sullivan quickly pulled off the mask and matter of factly pointed out the obvious, "No, its just me- Sullivan, I was wearing a mask."

I just brought Sullivan to Vacation Bible School, Sophie was NOT happy about leaving him. She told his teacher "Dat's not fair!!! I AM big enough to go to school. I am two and a half!"

Sophie still tells the same knock knock joke over and over and is still thinking its funny. Three months of the same joke is not funny, but the monotony of her thinking its funny is a little funny. "Knock Knock- who's there? Orange, Orange who? Sit in nanny's lap!" (Are you laughing?)

Sophie is a little spit fire. She WILL not be fun to deal with in the teen age years, trust me. Anyway, perhaps she will :) So, the other day she tells me she needs to poop. I put her on the potty, she tells me to "close the door and turn on the vent". I assume its gonna be pretty bad, so I do. A second later, she comes running into the living room. I ask her if she pooped, she says "no, just tee tee". I ask her if she's sure, because I need to wipe her hiney, "nope just tee tee." I tell her I can go look in the potty. She runs in the bathroom, flushes, comes running out and says in her little two year old voice "now you can't check."