Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hello There

Hello, I can't believe we are almost to the end of August. NUTS. Sorry for the lack of posts, you'd understand if you knew our life right now :) So, updates-

Sullivan started first grade last week. He hated "sitting in a boring desk listening to a boring teacher talk for two hours" and was having some emotional adjustment challenges. So, we made the decision to enroll him in my school and let him do kindergarten. HE LOVES IT. He begs to go and has such a blast. He loves every minute of it.

Speaking of love, apparently Sullivan has found his true love. I went to pick him up yesterday and was informed that "we need to talk" by the teacher. She said that he and another little girl are very close and seem to love being together and playing (which I already knew- they were in summer care together during my orientation- the little girl cried everytime I picked him up). Anyway, she says that Sullivan told her that K kissed him and was telling because he knew the rule- "you can't touch anyone else without asking." Apparently K didn't ask for the kiss :) So, the teacher pulled them both aside, talked about spreading germs through kissing and how its a bad idea. She explained that we save kisses for our mommies and daddies. Sullivan tells K that they'll have to wait until their wedding day to kiss again to which K gets very excited by the idea that Sullivan is planning on marrying her. HELLO THEY ARE 5!!!! Anyway, his teacher said it was by far the funniest thing she has dealt with and reiterated to her why she is a kindergarten teacher.

I asked him about it later, he told me K is his girlfriend and he REALLY loves her. I told him that he is too young to really understand love to which he replies- "Mom, this is TRUE love". OH BOY. He also told my mom that K tells him what to eat at lunch. Mom asks if she controls him and he said "sort of".

Little Miss started preschool this week. She really loves it. She cries a tiny bit when we go. Wednesday her teacher asked her why she was crying and she cried "because I WUV school." It was really sweet. She talks about her friends and how they play babies. She tells us that she eats nothing but crackers there. Overall, she is having fun. She brought home her first school work Friday with a packet of what she had done all week.

They are really growing up on me quickly. I'll post pictures soon!!!


Crissy said...

Oh my gosh, that was so funny! Already at the beck and call of a girl!

mande said...

i thought he was supposed to be in kindergarten this year anyway?