Sunday, February 22, 2009


So, Sophie talks ALOT. Sullivan talks ALOT. I am constantly reminding myself that I need to be thankful of "little people" talk because there are plenty of people praying for children out there. Sometimes its harder than others. But lately, Sophie has learned to say some pretty funny stuff. You have to remember that she is barely two and is VERY little for her age. So, when she talks, it kind of seems funny.

Her new favorite word is "right." She likes to reward you for understanding what she said with "right." She asks for chocolate milk, you get it, she says "kockolate mik right!" ( very excitedly because you understood her). She asks you for a green marker and you give it to her, "Geen right!" . It's super cute.

She has also begun saying "Sulliban". Its bittersweet. For one thing, Sullivan called himself "Taliban" forever. I am pretty sure he was four before he could actually say his name where other people could understand. For another thing, she started calling him "BoBo", then moved to "Brother". The "Brother" is infinitely cute coming from her mouth. I can't believe she is already switching to the real name!!!

Lastly, she likes to praise everyone for going potty correctly. If she hears the toilet flush from across the house, she'll yell "Hooray Brother, good job Sulliban!" Or, more embarrassingly, when we are in a public restroom, and I pee, she exclaims "Yeah mommy, good girl- you did it right!!!" Yesterday she heard the toilet flush in the stall next to us, realized that her and Sullivan were in there with me and had no idea who to cheer for. She thought for a minute, then yelled "Yeah lady! Good girl doing your teetees on the potty!!!!" The poor lady was cracking up laughing and gave her thanks when she left!


The Hills said...

LOL So cute! I can't tell you how many times I've gotten (very loud) praise or step by step instructions from Sierra in a public restroom. ;-)

Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness that is HILARIOUS!