Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Funny Stuff

When we had Sullivan, we knew we had a drama boy. Because he was so much drama, we thought there was no way we could have another. Well, we successfully managed it. Sophie is even more drama than her brother. I swear, they should make a sitcom based on our lives. But, if they did, there probably would be boycotts from the birth control industry as everyone would stop needing their product because they were using home methods of permanently sterilizing themselves.

My parents kept the kids for four long days last week. It was marvelous. Aaron and I watched ALOT of movies at the theatre and just basically relaxed. Mom called me on the evening of day one (she had only had them about three hours) and says, "Sophie climbs on EVERYTHING." Yep, she sure does. She also gets in trouble but waits until someone is watching because its just not as fun if no one knows you are being bad. On the day that we went to pick them up, mom makes a declaration that she has fussed at me many times for saying. She says "Its a good thing you didn't have Sophie first, because I am pretty sure you wouldn't be able to have more children, she is wild." I KNOW!!!! This is why we call her a "caboose" child. She definitely shows anyone around that she needs no one after her. She takes all of the time and effort you could possibly give to a second child.

But, she is alot of fun. We got back home Monday, and apparently Sophie decided that she would "punish" us for letting her have a four day vacation from life. She had seven tee tee accidents and four poo poo ones. This is from a kid that hasn't had an accident in about a month. Not only would she have an accident, but she would walk right in front of you, pee and say "I tee teed on the floor". Yeah, you try keeping your cool. Luckily I had one diaper in the closet that I was saving. I put it on her much to her disgust, and she hasn't had another accident since. But, she was complaining and not wanting to potty much. I had Aaron convinced she had a bladder infection (the first one in history that comes without a fever). We were ready to take her to the ER late last night, when Aaron walks in with a handful of white chocolate chips. She sees them, says "mmmm, yummy." Walks over to the toilet, takes off her clothes, and does a ton of tee tee. Then, she gets the chocolate. Can you say BAD?

So, let me fill you in on some light hearted moments so that you don't think my kids are totally horrible! This morning, Sullivan wanted to watch UnderDog, which he still calls "Thunder Dog" no matter how many times we tell him differently. I put on the movie (which is wide screen), and he starts complaining about having to watch a movie with "Monkey Bars" on it (the black bars at the top and bottom of the widescreen).

Yesterday, the kids and I were drawing a masterpiece with sidewalk chalk on the back patio. Sophie would pick up a color, survey the patio, and say "HMMMMM...." as if contemplating exaclty what piece of art she should grace us with. She would draw a line on the ground and say, "Mmmm, Dopie, pretty flower. Good job" or "Mmmm, Dopie, nice moon, good job." It was hillarious to watch her. So then, I traced Sullivan so that he could draw himself. He is working feverishly on coloring the pants and shirt exaclty, coloring his toes and fingers just right, when he notices Sophie coloring his face turquoise. He flips out yelling, "great, now everyone who see this is gonan think I am an alien. This is insane."

I must say, we created quite a masterpiece out there, and neither of the dogs (the only ones who have been in our backyard to see the work) have mentioned anything about the boy looking like an alien.