Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Picture Pickle

Since Sophie has been born, she refuses to have professional pictures taken of her. We have been blessed enough to find Sarah Giles of Butterfly Chaser photography to take wonderful pictures of both of the kids even before Sophie was born. But, as wonderful of a photographer as she is, we have never gotten a GREAT picture of Sophie smiling while looking AT the camera. It is extremely frustrating. Every session we have with her, we get about 40 great pictures of Sullivan and one of Sophie. I hope that when she is older she knows how hard we tried to get good shots of her!


Leslea said...

I love the second one with them both. And what did Sullivan do in the last pic since he's crying?♦

Lisa Rider said...

Man, Sarah is WONDERFUL. I have always wished that I had gotten her to take our boys pics. Oh well, maybe we can make a special trip back for some pics. Your kids do make it easy to get beautiful pics, they are so precious.