Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Updates and the such

Ok, I have three minutes to spare without kids climbing on me. Sophie just woke up from her second night in dry pants! She has woken me up both nights to take her to potty! Yesterday she went all day with only one accident (and it was her poop). So, I guess she is more ready than we thought. Just shows you what a little hard headedness can get you!

The news sure is making gustav out to be no big deal right? Well, most of our family and friends in Baton Rouge are STILL without power!!! Can you believe it? And, most of them are being told to expect another 2 weeks!!! Insane! I have friends sleeping in one room of a house with a generator and window ac and two kids and grandparents, and parents, and themsleves!

My parents evacuated to Florida, because my mom works at a bank, and by the time they left, they were only allowed to go that way. My grandparents had evacuated to Alexandria, but the hotel lost power and basically asked everyone to leave. So, they couldn't find another hotel, and headed home last Wednesday. My grandpa is 87, not in the best of health, and on oxygen. So, they returned home to a stiffling hot house with no electricity. My parents came back from Florida two days early because they didn't want my grandparents there alone. Luckily they did! They helped them open windows and air out the house, find a generator and window ac. And, although we had a family member with a fully furnished house that never lost electricity close, they had to sleep in their house. There were 7 people in a tiny living room with a tiny window ac unit. As my grandpa went to the bathroom in the morning, he slipped and fell, gashing open his head. My uncle is chief of fire there, luckily, and was able to send over an ambulance. After tests, it was determined he was ok, just needed a bunch of staples. So, then...

Mom calls me to say she can't move, her back isn't working and is in the ER. I guess helping my big grandfather around and sleeping on the floor wasn't great for her! So, after some pain killers, muscle relaxers, and a weekend flat on her back she is ok. Luckily, my parents had power in New Orleans, and my grandparents got theirs restored on Friday.

So, everyone is wishing off ike! My dad even made a blog about it call idontlikeike!!!


Rebecca said...

Oh no! I hope everything gets as back to normal as possible for your family!!