Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good bye Pop!

Well, the funeral was this morning, visitation last night, and they both went well. Sullivan was very inquisitive about everything, and I am glad we were able to explain the answers to the majority of his questions. He is definitely figuring things out. It was wonderful to see how many people loved Larry. The visitation had a line out the door all night- it was supposed to jsut be 5-8, but the line was still out the door at 9:30! Today, at the funeral, the state police payed tribute to Larry in a big way, and it was so touching. You always forget what a great job they do, because you are too worried about getting pulled over ;) I was excited to be a part of it.

While it was sad, it was nice to be a part of something where everyone was so filled with hope, knowing they would see him again. That part was wonderful. Tonight, we traveled about an hour away to see my grandpa, who had a defribulator and pacemaker put in today. We surprised him by showing up, and he said it was the best surprise of his life. He was so happy to see how much his family meant to him. And, after this week, we have learned to take NO ONE for granted. It was worth it to see him and hear him say that. He is such a sweet old man, strong too!

Aaron and I sent Sullivan and Sophie home with my parents because, quite frankly, we are TIRED! We plan on making the track back home tomorrow, so we thought we could use a good night's sleep childless. Plus, we wanted to go visit with some family without having to say, "Don't touch that, sit over there, be still, be quiet!" Etc..... So, as we try to find a normalness again without Aaron's father, I am sure we will have a bit of adjustment. It really is surreal and doesn't feel real. I am sure it will sink in soon enough.

So, this final tribute to Larry Creasy, who lost his battle with cancer at 56 but won the ultimate victory and is now in the presence of his Lord finding out all of the mysteries of the universe tonight. I am sad that my children will not grow up getting to hear your "humor" and crazy ways. The world will definitely miss out on the best weights and standards officer around, I guess the truckers will know its safe to drive through LA now. I have learned this week to never take life for granted and have already begun being more honest with my friends in family. I urge you tonight to tell your loved ones what they mean to you, for you never know how long you will have. Larry was lucky enough to have 6 months worth of contemplation knowing he might eventually lose the battle. Most of us do not get that opportunity.