Monday, September 14, 2009

Picture Time Picture Time

Ok faithful friends, we are finally settled into a house and able to upload pictures again!!!! I have a bunch from this summer, I'll give you a tidbit and work my way through them. The kids are growing so fast. Sophie looks so different just from the beginning of the summer. Our lives are busy, moving quickly, but packed with fun. For the most part, the kids get along really well and love playing together. I love listening to them play and have "deep" discussions about the toys they are playing with. Sullivan has been in a bit of touble in kindergarten. He apparently is a little Romeo and has a problem keeping his lips to himself. He is learning though. It is amazing what missing a little recess and a few ice pops will do. He loves school, its a wonderful school, and is learning so much. I thought he would be totally bored in kindergarten, but now I am afraid we'll never get him to want to move to first grade!!!

Sophie loves her school as well, its much better than I ever imagined. Last weekend, she got mad at us for telling her she couldn't go to school because it was Saturday. She tells us all about her friends and how she bosses them around. She is really getting a little drama queen attitude. She can cry in the middle of a sentence for dramatics and adds the lip quiver for extra attention.

Alright, more later, but for now, here's a few pictures to prove my kids are alive and well.

Sophie enjoying a blue snowball on a hot day.

He doesn't think he's too big for this car he had when he was 6 months old.

Mother's Day- before I lost 27 pounds!

Sullivan laying next to a REAL dinosar bone.

Daddy's first attempt at pigtails. You should see him now, his look 50 times better than mine.

The girsl are playing house with dinosaurs. Just proves that girls will be girls.
Notice the cape, we wear it everywhere (except school because you have to wear a uniform and folow dress code, otherwise ....) Oh yeah, they are digging for dinosaur bones.
Sophie found a ballooon!
Sullivan explaining that they aren't real bones, someone just made them look that way.
Kids posing before the party at our FIRST Baton Rouge house.

The above pictures are from a dinosaur party we went to in May. The kids had an absolute blast.
So, we got a new house, and while I was unpacking , I thought it would be a good idea to let the kids try out the new bathtub. It has jets, so I figured it would make bubbles ok. I put some water in, a tiny bit of soap, threw in the kids, and turned on the jets. They were having such a good time, then the bubbles took over. Well, I should say, they kept having a great time. I had to grab my camera. Of course, I had to shower the "clean" off of them after they were done.


Rachel said...

That tub is awesome! I hope you get to enjoy it, too.

So you lost 27 pounds this summer?! Way to go, Vicky! How did you do it? Sweating it off in the move?

mande said...

it is great to see your pics! your kiddos (just like mine) are getting so big! Ashtyn will be 8 yrs old in a few weeks. I was just thinking about when I was pregnant with her and after my baby shower we all went to eat at that chinese place in prairieville. it sure doesn't seem like 8 yrs ago!

So glad to hear that Sullivan in enjoying Kindergarten!