Monday, November 10, 2008


So, I know I have been MIA on the blogger scene. Sorry. We honestly have alot going on right now, more than normal ;) Anyway, I need to get the pictures of my matching dragons from Halloween off my camera. Sullivan couldn't be Indiana Jones because he is that everyday and people wouldn't think he was dressing up. So, he was the same dragon he was last year and had to get Sophie the matching costume in purple. She wasn't too down with wearing a costume, but wore it long enough to get a few pictures in. She did LOVE her pumpkin shirt and didn't want to take it off. Speaking of not taking stuff off, Sullivan has worn the same Indiana Jones shirt for the last two weeks. I finally went and bought a few more at Blockbuster because I am sick of washing it every night. The thing is, they are adult mediums because they don't really make them for kids. So, the shirt swallows him. My mom also got him a real hat, so he is really Indiana Jones now, not pretend. He makes everyone call him Dr. Jones.
So yesterday we took the kids to the fair in town. Sophie was too short for the rides and was bummed. So, she thought that maybe if she just tore down the sign she would get to ride. Sullivan had a BLAST. There was an Indiana Jones funhouse with climbing walls and a bridge to run across and a huge slide. I am pretty sure he did it more than 30 times. He was worn out at the end of the three hours. Sophie, on the other had, had LOTS of fun with Sullivan's real hat that she got to play with when he was on the rides.


Mandi said...

Where did you get Sophie's dress?? Its so CUTE!!