Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Life is progressing quite fine over here. Unfortunately, I haven't discovered the anti aging pill, and the kids are still growing. They are growing so fast!

Sullivan is now a total dare devil in the pool. We went to visit my family at Charlie's new fabulous apartment this weekend for the Fourth. Sullivan was getting braver and braver getting people to catch him as he jumped from higher and higher places into the pool. Sophie on the other hand, had lots of fun modeling her new swimsuit with matching tutu. She pranced around like a princess the WHOLE day. She definitely knew she was cute! Her newest word is "trouble". So, she likes to do something just so she can tell you she's in trouble. She climbs onto things she isn't supposed to, turns around to make sure she has an audience, then says "trouble?" Yes, Sophie, you ARE trouble!!! She has also been singing alot. She loves "Row Row Row Your Boat." She has learned to tickle this week. So, she pecks all over you saying "tickle tickle tickle" in this high pitched voice. Your obligation is to pretend to laugh uncontrollably even though it really doesn't tickle. If you don't, the pecks get harder. If you are smart, you laugh.

The naughty girl chair has consumed alot of our time recently too. We got a really sweet pink princess chair (very ironic, but we wanted something portable so there was a naughty girl spot everywhere we went), and told her all about how naughty girls have to sit in it. Everytime she pinches, slaps, bites, or screams at us (or invents something new that is bad), she goes straight to the naughty girl chair. Its actually working quite well. Just the threat of the chair now makes her stop in her tracks. Of course, she prefers when we all clap when she does something right. For those of you thinking the chair sounds horrible. We make this big scene when she listens and have a "good girl parade." She LOVES it, then usually repeats the offense just so she can listen and get applause. For example, last night she kept climbing on the coffee table, waiting for someone to tell her to get down, then reveling in the "HOORAY" clapping parade that we had for her listening. For us, it got old after the third time, it took 14 times before she got tired of it!


linda said...

such cute babies, I love them both. Of course I am the nanny.

Rosy said...

You sure have some cute looking kids pictures here!

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