Friday, July 25, 2008


So, long time no blog! We went to New Orleans for the week to have a FUN family vacation. It was so much fun. Aaron and I had date nights every night while my parents watched the kids. It was wonderful. We have seen all the movies out, which is amazing for us who have never had a babysitter!

But, the real news of the trip happened in Baton Rouge, when we stopped to let the kids run around the mall and stretch their legs out. The intention was to let them get some energy out. They did. They played for about an hour during which I kept telling people that Sophie was

fine, just a crazy daredevil. I know she climbs high, I can see her. I know she jumps from high places, she is insane! I swear the kid is missing a screw! So, when she tripped while WALKING, I didn't think much of it. She does it 100 times a day. But, when she wouldn't quit crying, I knew something had to be wrong. Then, she wouldn't put any pressure on her foot, and would go INSANE if we tried to get her to stand. So, I headed to the ER with her. Xrays and lots of money later (apparently our insurance CLOSES at 5 and you can't check eligibility, so we had to pay out of pocket), we find a broken bone in her foot. Supposedly she'll stay off of it long enough to heal. For real? NO, so when we got back to town, we saw our pediatrician who sent us to a pediatric orthopedist who reset it and casted it. Yesterday was her first day, and last night she cried all night "shoe off!" I felt so bad for her! Its waterproof, so she can shower, bathe, and swim. We go back in 4 weeks to see if the bone healed right and hopefully get the cast off. Its the tiniest thing you've ever seen, but super cute.

We have to keep a sock on it to keep it clean because Sophie won't wear the shoe that is supposed to go over it.

She just woke up from a 5 hour nap (after not sleeping last night). She is in an excellent mood and has an excellent hair do wouldn't you say?

PS- the specialist yesterday said it would probably be a few days before she'd walk on it. We left the office to go to McDonalds where she walked, ran, climbed, danced, and wrestled her brother and a few other boys in the place!


Anna said...

Hi Vicky, she is such a cutie! That is great they make casts these days that can get wet.

linda said...

You are so precious, even in a cast. Nanny and Paw Paw miss you and your big brother already. We have finally caught up on our sleep for our wonderful vacation with your family. Keep smiling and we will see you soon.