Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hello My Name is Sullivan and I am

Addicted to my daddy's homemade beignets. Aaron's new fun thing to do is make home made Cafe Du Monde beignets. They are SUPER yummy, and he takes great pride in making them just right. He made them for my parents a few weekends ago, and they agreed- YUMMY. If you ever want them, stop by. Unfortunately, they aren't fat free, and they aren't clean :)

Anyone notice an age difference here? Sophie honestly does not believe that she is a baby. She plays with all of the big kids, and has no clue that she is not as big as them. She is so funny, carrying on full converstations with them. She so much believes that she is big, that she hates eating baby food now. She insists on chewing her food and bringing it to her mouth with her hands- just like her brother!

And, for her newest trick, she found her bows!!! Luckily she has just enough hair to almost put a clip on bow in, because this is what she does when I put headband bows on her now. And, as if it isn't taunting enough that her mommy wants her to have enormous bows in her hair, and she pulls them out, she insists on SHOWING it to you as if she is proud of herself!