Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Wierd Moms

Ok, I am not sure how much of my mom that most of you know. Let me start this by saying I love her dearly. But, she is a little off her knocker (sorry mom if you are reading this!!!). The first time my best friend Jamie met her (we were living together at the time), my parents took us out to eat at Logan's steakhouse. My mom threw peanut shells at her the whole time, laughing histerically. When I was little and would fight with my brothers, she never spanked us, we had a few options to pick from for punishment: a) sit facing each other touching toes b) clean the windows on opposite sides of the window c) go to your room (which was filled with toys, tv, nintendo). Don't get me wrong, from a child's standpoint, it was fun. We all joke that the reason my mom loves Sullivan so much is because she gets to act her own age when she plays with him.

He takes anything she says as fact. She told him on the phone that Shrek 3 was a really funny movie. So, we take him to see it (Aaron and I). As the king is dramatically dying at the beginning, instead of crying, he is cracking up laughing. It was kind of embarrassing, so I told him it wasn't funny, it was sad and to stop laughing. He says, very matter of factly, "my nanny told me this movie was funny on the phone, and I am gonna laugh!" Anyway, so the reason I mention my wierd mom is that she calls me yesterday to tell me she is proud of me. There are two things my mom is famous for (NOT her cooking): 1) telling her kids she is proud of us religiously 2) saying "this is the best" whatever she happens to be eating. So, her calling me to say she is proud of me shouldn't shock you. What should shock you is why she was letting me know she was proud of me. She called to tell me that she had read my blog and was so proud that I snuck out of the house as a teenager. She said she thought I was the perfect kid and did no wrong. She was like, tell me the details. I am so excited you are telling me this, because I always thought you were the perfect kid and did nothing wrong. Oh, Linda, you couldn't be more wrong. I got into lots of "situations" as a child that you had no idea about!!! I am glad I had you fooled!

Anyway, I can only hope that I am half as filled with the joy of life as you are when I am your age mom. Kids deserve to have moms who will get down on the floor and play with them, who don't care about getting sandy in the sandbox, and who can let their worries go and get

lost in imaginary lands with them. We got that, and I am hoping that's what I am giving to Sullivan.