Saturday, June 2, 2007

Twice the Fun, Now We're Done

I am not sure why the subject of whether your own personal uterus will harvest or serve as a house to another baby is the first question people think to ask you when you show off your beautiful child. Nonetheless, it is. "Any more?" "Are yall ready for another one yet?" "When's number three coming?" Well, I guess I will answer the question here once and for all. Unless God decides to override the modern technology of not only tying tubes but also carterizing them, we are finished populating the earth with gorgeous kids. We feel more than blessed that God decided to entrust us with two of the most adorable kids around. We count it more than a blessing that they are both happy and healthy children. We are fortunate to get to experience one of each sex- blue and pink! And, we know how lucky we are that we get to financially supprt them for the next forever many years. We want to be able to enjoy them and provide fun childhoods, and since we aren't living on a huge bank account, two is all we can handle!!! Anyway, now that the issue is cleared up, no more questions about my uterus please!!!

On a side note, my babies are getting so big!!! Sullivan is almost four. Just the thought of that makes me feel really wierd inside. Sophie is the biggest chunk you have seen. I can't describe her thighs. A friend of mine says she has "Cheerleader legs." Of course, the cheerleader with these legs would be cheering for an eating competition, because there is no way anyone would be able to focus on the cheering with these thighs hanging out.
We moved my parents this weekend. Their house sold in Beaumont (their house they have lived in for TWENTY years), and we went down to help them move. It was so emotional. As we cleared out my old bedroom, I remembered being a nine year old dancing in that room imaging how much fun I would have in there. I never imagined growing up for twenty years in it! I sat there this morning remembering the time my mom and I put new wallpaper up and decorated it in a wierd jungle them. I was so proud. Then a few years later, we did it all black and white. I remembered one rainy day when the boys and I got bored and turned it into a library- categorizing all of our books. Close your ears mom, I remembered how perfect those windows were for sneaking out of late at night. And, I remembered moving all of my stuff out as I headed out for college. It was so wierd. It's wierd to know I can not go back "home" again. I had to realize today that "home" isn't a physical dwelling, its where you feel loved. I can only hope that my two kiddos always feel as loved as I have by mine. My mom always tells me how proud she is of me- probably ten times a day. But, last night, my dad told me he thought I was doing a good job raising my kids. Man, I feel so BLESSED!!!