Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One of "those" bloggers

Well, I always swear I will not be one of "those" bloggers. You know the ones that forget all about blogging and actually lead their real lives. Well, it happened this month, and I apologize! We just have so much going on.

For starters, we have a new puppy. Not by choice- he found us. We were driving home from my parents' two weeks ago, when we almost hit him on the highway in the middle of the woods. We brought him home and cleaned him up, and tried to find him a new home. But, in the mean time, we all fell in love. He is such a sweet boy that we now realize he is ours. His name started off being Sawyer, but the kids could never remember is, so now he is Buster Brown. Sophie likes to tell everyone how cute he is. When she says cute, her word rhymes with "scoot". So, she always says "look at this cootie, come here cootie, what a cootie". Its adorable, I swear. Sampson loves him, Delilah doesn't belittle herself enough to play with another dog in fear that someone might think she is one as well.

I need to take some pictures of my children today so that you can actually know that they ARE, indeed, still alive and well. I don't want to jinx us, but we have been incredibly well lately- no sickos in the bunch. We have enjoyed playing outside for the majority of our days lately. Sullivan is finally enjoying his dumptruck we got him over two years ago, and Sophie loves riding bikes. She is quite the talker now, and its pretty funny to listen to. We met some of our friends at Sam's the other day. Her and I were pregnant with our girls at the same time, so it was crazy to watch them interacting. They thought it was really funny to tell each other that they were funny. So, Sophie would say "you're funny", then Evie would say "no you're funny." This continued for about an hour, and never got old to the girls.

Sullivan has started reading like crazy. Its kind of funny, but kind of creepy. I mean, he is supposed to be my baby. Yesterday, I took him with me to run a bunch of errands with me alone. We were driving, and he said, "Mom, what is fresh fish and seafood?" I was totally thrown off, and asked, "What?" He says, "Red Lobster says they have it, what is it?" I couldn't believe he had read that as we drove by, no time for sounding anything out! Then, last night, he saw Aaron on the internet looking at a termite page, and he asked him "Why would anyone call themselves a Bug Man?" Aaron was blown away that he is reading our stuff now! Man, time goes by quickly!

I'll end on this one piece of advice that Sullivan shared with me yesterday- "Humans should never drink too much milk, because their mouths would be on fire. Now, if you are an alien, you can drink as much milk as you want, because you like fire- you know, you live close to the sun."