Sunday, February 1, 2009

What Happens at Nanny's House?

So, it's no surprise that my parents moved back to Beaumont a few months ago. You might say we are enjoying them being back. But, my kids are enjoying it the most. Well, maybe that's not true. If you know my parents, you know they live for their grandkids now. The first time they asked for the kids, we were kind of nervous but let the kids go just for one night. Three nights later we had to BEG for our children back. The kids come home and sleep for days. We have been fortunate enough for them to BEG for the kids just about anytime we will give them away. If you ask Sullivan what happens at nanny's house, he will fill you in on their adventures. Adventures of bear hunting, searching for bear tracks, falling in pools of water when they were just running around, finding new parks, going to Chuckee Cheese, wearing whatever clothes you want, eating ice cream sandwiches whenever you want and as many as you want, sleeping when and where you want, and playing in the tub as long as you want. At first we didn't beleive him, but Aaron and I have been down there a few times and witnessed the "life stops now because the kids are here and we must make memories" mentality. Whatever the kids say goes, they are definitely making memories. Lucky kids!

Sophie dancing with her favorite toy at their house, this plug in Rudolph. I am embarrassed by the fullness of her pullup, but I will say she came home alive and well.

This was also about two months ago, she has been in panties only for about two months now.

Here's the latest picture from this weekend after going to the park for four hours:


linda said...

Remember what happens at nanny and paw paw's stays at nanny and paw paw's! Thanks Sullivan and Sophie for a wonderful weekend.