Monday, August 25, 2008

Random Question

So, we had an exciting weekend- two birthday parties, Aaron's first two soccer games- meaning LOTS of work, single mommy again. Luckily, he was able to go to the party on Saturday morning with me. Its amazing to me that the ten month olds that I met when I first moved here turned THREE this weekend. Its so fun to have friends to share raising children with! Happy Birthday Henry and Ally!

On our way to the party Saturday morning, Sullivan says to Aaron and I, "Hey guys, have you ever read the directions on the back of a rat poison box?"

Totally taken aback by this TOTALLY random question, I asked "Do you even know what rat poison is?" We've never had rats, never bought poison, I was totally shocked.

"Of course, its that little green cheese that rats eat when they need to die."

Who knew? Alright then. Aaron says, "Have you ever read the instructions Sullivan?"

"Yes, wanna know what it says on the back of the box? - 'Dear rats, I am tasty green cheese. You will like me. If you eat me, you won't die, tricked ya- you will die.' "

Ok, seriously, where did this kid come from?

I started homeschooling him kindergarten today, and its gone great. He is so proud of himself, although, he wants to know when all the kids he can teach will get here! He misses the cut off for kindergarten here, and he is way ready. He already did Pre-k, so we decided to homeschool him kindergarten, and perhaps first so that we can challenge his little brain! He wants to learn about the solar system, so that's gonna be our fun activity for a while. Wish me success- I am not great at actually staying home. If you know me well, I like to be on the move.

By the way, for those following the foot saga, Sophie has now made her two weeks in her cast! Everything from here on is bonus healing time. We are shooting for her to make it to her appointment next Tuesday morning, but we'll see how the week goes. We did sneak her in the pool Friday night for the pool party, and she did fine.